Nueva publicación: 'Behind closed doors: Views on Life Changes During Pandemic Times, 2019-21' (Moreno & Jimenez)

Luis Moreno & Raul Jimenez

Profesor de Investigación Emérito en el Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos (IPP-CSIC) y Profesor ICREA en el Institut de Ciències del Cosmos de la Universitat de Barcelona

Abstract: The Covid-19 pandemic has changed much of our vision of the world. It has brought about transformations which demand for new worldviews. This book is a compilation of 40 articles published during the period 2019-21. They are grouped in six thematic sections which have experienced deeps impacts produced by the pandemic in our daily life: (1) Fighting the Maligned Covid-19; (2) Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, Robotization; (3) Life-styles, Bureaucracy and the Online World; (4) Technological Lords and Industry 4.0; (5) Individual Agency and Social Life; and (6) Recovery and Global Readaptation in a Climate of Uncertainty. The authors have been very keen to ponder how the ongoing robotization is changing our societies, and how our robotized democracies can promote a fairer and equal society. Some particular cases and instances relate to situations in Spain, the EU and the Western Hemisphere. In the main, our analyses cut-cross global areas of examination and inquiry. The overall purpose of this book is to encourage readers to think about life changes and to stimulate their assessment of the processes affecting the pandemic world and the prospects for its indeterminate future.


ISBN: 979-8509871566

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