Any amendment to these Bylaws will be agreed by the General Assembly, and will come into force on the day after it is stamped by the General Register of Associations, or equivalent entity that may be established.


Therefore, the AECPA is incorporated pursuant to the legal regime established in the Organic Law 1/2002, dated 22 March, governing the Right of Association. The ASOCIACION ESPAÑOLA DE CIENCIA POLITICA Y DE LA ADMINISTRACION is registered with the National Registry of Associations Group 1, Section 1, National Number 117653; it is its own independent legal entity and it has the necessary legal capacity and capacity to operate, both substantively and procedurally, that is conferred by current legislation so that it may fulfil its purposes and manage its interests, with capability to be the bearer of rights and responsible for the obligations it contracts in all types of acts and contracts that relate to its purposes and operation. Consequently, under the content of these BYLAWS and of the provisions current at the time, it may acquire, posses, encumber, transfer and dispose of assets of all kinds, initiate and follow any necessary proceedings and exercise the corresponding rights and actions before the pertinent administrative and jurisdictional entities.